If at all dreams are made of cakes, tea and books then

mine are made of Cha bar cafe and the Oxford book store.

–  Sandra (me, of course!)



Cha Bar plus the Oxford book store can be best explained as a tea room admirably fitted inside a humongous book store. The book store here being the Oxford, I need not elaborate how massive this could be. It is in fact every book lover’s den. I did not fathom this existence of a parallel world even as I ascended up the red wide stairs which very much looked like a front cover of a novel. And what unfolded was nothing less than a Arcadia(ideal fictional place).

I would now like to treat you all with a long kept secretive expertise and an escapade to flip pages for. When inside the Cha bar, carry along a book the one you may be currently reading or the one you want to. If at all you don’t have one at hand buy or may be sneak in from the store. Among the running commotion of Cha bar get reading. ( For better concentration I use ear phones blasting with music. You may use earplugs as well). Set an alarm an hour or half later. When you snap out you come back having traveled to the coffee club of Istanbul or in a hot balloon in Udaipur or the high streets of London


The insignificant para; the one where I criticize. When you begin flipping through the menu you may not soon come to a conclusion of getting spoiled for choices seeing the varieties of tea as most items are unavailable. But browse through the options and it’s a treat to study the humorously written menu card.

The oxford is the massive book store adorned with tall shelves and well stacked and well assorted with books of wide genres. An eventful place that breathes in book discussions, book signing where like minded people meet and get married, even.

Before I left I picked up the best souvenir/book the place could offer,”Return to the little Coffee shop of Kabul- Deborah Rodriguez, symbolic of the innumerable visit in my journey ahead  to various other cafes, tea shops, tea rooms, bistros and much more .


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  1. Meghna says:

    That was informative !!!!

    1. sandra kattoor says:

      Hey thanks Meghna keep following for more such stories

  2. Ashish ravi says:


    1. sandra kattoor says:

      Thank you.

  3. Anitta says:

    Brings back memories!

    1. sandra kattoor says:

      Hmm yes it’s an unforgettable place.

  4. Nivedya says:

    Interesting! Thank you for sharing your experience. Love to read your posts!

    1. sandra kattoor says:

      Thank you so much. Continue reading and following the page.I’m happy u had a good read

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